Apr 22, 2015

Welcome to Casa Mia!

Sit, make yourself comfortable while I uncork the wine and fix us a something to eat, because I have big news for you.

Over that past few months I have worked hard at fulfilling a dream.

I have teamed up with two food professionals – who also happen to be my friends – and co-founded a food, wine and cooking association together!

My partners Gina and Elizabeth and I are happy to toast to our brand new venture! Casa Mia | Italy Food & Wine Tours intends to give visitors to Italy unique, local culinary experiences. We will be leading Italy lovers on delicious food & wine tastings, hosting cooking classes in our homes, and marching on exclusive culinary excursions in and around Rome, Naples, Florence and several areas of Sicily.

So, all you food lovers out there planning an Italy vacation, be sure to check out our new website: Casa Mia and our Blog for expert Italy travel inspiration, savvy advice and exciting food & wine adventures.

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The food is on the table, so… a tavola!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your new venture! I will be sure to make a note next time we come to Italy. Looking forward to meeting other food enthusiasts!