May 4, 2015

Which fruit & vegetables are in season in May?

Fact: produce is of better quality and taste when in season.

In my inaugural blog post on Casa Mia, the new cultural association I co-founded, I talk about what's on display in markets from Sicily to the Alps this month – a pretty sight!

Here's a list of what's in season during May in Italy
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  1. I love the fresh vegetables that you get in the open markets -- here in the states sometimes you get what looks fresh but has been picked so early it is flavorless. You are right -- getting the fruits and vegetables when they are in season makes all the difference! Good post.

  2. Always best to buy in season and local produce if you can. We have the same problem as the states but maybe not as bad. But we do have a lot of imported produce and we have to have wrapped foods .. so when I go to France or Italy, even Spain , I cannot believe their markets. Great post.