Jan 12, 2016

Italian-style detox

I really exaggerated with the panettone and the multi-course Christmas extravaganza during the holidays. I do it every year. Don't blame me, it's tradition: the holiday eating stretch in Italy lasts over two weeks culminating with the Befana on January 6th.

For Italians this means detoxing after the holiday season is not just #1 on the list of new year resolutions, but ranks just as high in the health priorities. Bodies are begging for clean nutrients, crisp vegetables, vitamin-packed citrus, brassica and roots. Fortunately, us gourmands subjugated to our palate, won't need to undergo an excruciating juice cleanse to feel virtuous.

In Italian kitchens, tradition and family regional recipes rescue us, filling our plates with satisfying seasonal dishes while maintaining healthy standards. Here is a list of favorite resolution-friendly winter recipes.

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