Jan 13, 2016

The cheese I ate in Abruzzo

If I were to list all the cheese I have tasted, this post would be monumental. Let's say that I eat slightly more dairy than the average cheese lover. My work with Gambero Rosso in the last six months has contributed to that.

What I tasted during the filming of «ABCheese» was only a fraction of what is produced in Italy, yet in a total of ten episodes of Season 1, I ended up "deepening my knowledge" of at least two products in each segment. That's a lot of cheese.

Now that filming is over and the show is airing on Italian satellite TV, it feels good to flip through my camera roll, finding memories of the places, people and products I discovered.

Today I want to share some thoughts and photos gathered behind the scenes during filming in Abruzzo this past September.

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  1. Fantastico! I wish I could watch in CA, will try to when in Italy this April.

    1. I know, my dad and the rest of my American family wish they could too! In a year season 1 will be available in streaming on the Gambero Rosso website, until then, let's hope in lots of reruns!