Nov 1, 2018

Abruzzo featured on AmexEssentials Weekend Guide

When American Express Essentials magazine approached me to write about a lesser known place in Italy, capturing the spirit of the region with tips that would appeal to a wide range of interests, I happily suggested featuring Abruzzo, a place I hold very dear in my heart.

@EleonoraBaldwin Abruzzo

I've mentioned Abruzzo in many posts on this blog. 
I shared a photo essay on my first (of many) weekend escape to Abruzzo

@EleonoraBaldwin Abruzzo

I shared an account of the chilling night of the earthquake

I added a 2009 diary from set entry; 

@EleonoraBaldwin Abruzzo

©EleonoraBaldwin Abruzzo

I have gone on and on, waxing poetic and how to make arrosticini

I shared my discovery of vino cotto, cooked wine must.

©EleonoraBaldwin Abruzzo

Abruzzo is where I discovered that size does not matter. Where I celebrate all my birthdays. The place where my son and I unplug and spend long moments hypnotized by the crackling fireplace, enjoying the silence and restoring importance to the little things. Abruzzo is the place where I have met some of my dearest friends. 

It's a special place, and I was happy to "give back" and show gratitude for all that it has given me, by mentioning some of my favorite things about it in a widely read magazine.

The link to the article is here: Weekend Getaway Guide: Abruzzo, Italy

I hope you enjoy reading it.

American Express Essentials Weekend Getaway Guide: Abruzzo, Italy

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