Feb 5, 2012

World Nutella Day 2012

It's that time of year again! And since I'm on a diet trying to cut down on sweets, for this edition of World Nutella Day I won't break the gilded seal of the usual giant tub, rather savor every finger scoop of this tiny 30 gr (1 oz) mini Nutella. These wee jars are sold during the holiday season as tree ornaments, see the clear plastic eyelet? Clever.

Happy World Nutella Day to all my friends, readers, family near and far, and a huge thanks to the sweet events' founders, dearest Sara of Ms Adventures in Italy and darling Michelle of Bleeding Espresso for putting this celebration together every year and giving me a chance to indulge.
Want to see more Nutella?
Baci nutellosi!


  1. Bon giorno and Happy Nutella Day (albeit without Nutella)! I have never seen the ornament-sized Nutella jars, they are so cute!

    I remember when Nutella was sold in portion-sizes next to the register, with a wooden spoon attached. That was also the time when I preferred pane e cioccolata made with a square of thin chocolate (at merendina time, fresh rosette and chocolate were ordered by phone from the small downstairs grocery, after mamma had asked her little ones which was their preference, pane e cioccolata or salami).

  2. I think it is impressive how many recipes there are on the website. Happy Nutella Day Eleonora :)

  3. Happy Nutella Day,to you too!
    I'm off to drool over recipes now!

  4. I'm on a diet too, but found that a scant smear of Nutella atop a healthy bran muffin is just the fix I need! Happy World Nutella Day!

  5. I am planning on eating an entire jar of straight nutella to celebrate this wonderful holiday ;)

  6. I must out myself as someone who simply does not care for nutella. Never even tried it. But that`s probably due to the fact that I ONLY like dark chocolate, and this even LOOKS so creamy and milky.
    Haha, to create a day of its own for nutella! How about one for horse radish?
    Cheers to Roma from cold Germany, Lola!

  7. My favourite desert also! Like it for breakfast. Thanks for sharing.