Feb 2, 2012

Value dining in Rome

pizza bianca

C'è crisi — it's crisis time: there's no way around it. Our former prime minister insisted the opposite as recently as last fall, when he told the world that Italian restaurants were packed to the hilt with happy folk spending money right, left and center. But that was 2011. Welcome to 2012, which finds Italy's economy poised on a slippery slope and trickling south faster than melting butter.

Dining out will remain an option for few fortunate foreign wayfarers and revolutionary nonconformists. But for others, pick carefully. Here's my shortlist of where to score a value meal, and still feel like living La Dolce Vita...

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  1. great post for my next trip to Rome!!! and already smelling the good food:-) un bacio carissimo

  2. I will be bookmarking this list!

  3. Interesting to read your observations on Rome markets and a the state of the day to day economy.
    Thank you as well for your value dining list. It will be very helpful when we are next in Rome. We love eating in small neighborhood restaurants where good food can be found at good prices.

  4. Eleonora que receta tan rica,se me hace la boquita agua,realmente exquisita!!
    Un beso y feliz domingo.