Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter from Sorrento!

Oggi è Pasqua. Today is Easter.

I don't know whether you celebrate the holiday or not, but I wish to share the joy of this day of Resurrection and rebirth of the spring season with you. In tune with Sallymandy's sweet words, let's "enjoy the bounty of beauty that comes with it."

I'm surrounded by beauty today. Here are some snippets of it.
A lovely hillside lemon grove overlooking the Mediterranean Sea...

...the Sorrento harbor...

...the wisteria welcome at the entrance to the Grand Hotel Vittoria...

...the trattoria ran out of tables on its beachfront terrace and organized impromptu lunch on the shore with pool furniture brought down from private homes...

...waking up with the aroma of what Marcella - our host - had just brought out of the oven. Her glorious and freshly baked pastiera Easter cakes... E. demanded to sample some for breakfast...

I will catch up with all your lovely posts when we return home, I promise. I miss reading about you and commenting each and every one as I usually do. I've treasured your warm concern and your reassuring words of comfort in the days after the horrible earthquake tragedy more than you know. I replied quickly to your signs of solidarity and love but it's my wish to take my time and savor your blogs once I settle back home. 

happy easter from sorrento

Ciao my friends, Sorrento and the sunshine salute you and wish you a wonderful...

Buona Pasqua!


  1. Ti Amo, Bella Lola, Buono Pasqua!xx♥

  2. Buona Pasqua. Soz! Too many Reds.xx♥

  3. Lola,
    it looks as if you have all the necessary things for a good break: good scenery, good food, good company, and wisteria ...

  4. Buona Pasqua anche a te Lola! Le foto sono straordinarie (mi mancano terribilmente quelle parti!) Fai bene a concederti questi break (avendo poi il tuo bellissimo bambino ...), e dovrei prenderti ad esempio ma invece non lo faccio anche perché ci sono cose da fare qui che mi incatenano (ma non per sempre spero).

    Un abbraccio, ancora auguri e un meraviglioso proseguimento di vacanza!

  5. Oh, it's gorgeous. Enjoy, enjoy, and a happy Easter to you also.
    The image of the path through the lemon grove will stay with me today--these photos are such lovely treats, ALMOST better than chocolate:>)

  6. Ah, the rebirth of Spring. Such promise.
    Two of my dinner guests tonight are planning a year long visit to Italy. I am happy I can wish them a Buona Pasqua.
    Are you still just visiting if you are there a year?

  7. Such beauty - thanks for sharing your Italian bounty with us!

    Buona Pasqua!

  8. Enjoy your break, it looks fabulous. Love the wisteria walkway.

  9. Sounds rejeuvenating. Hope so. See you soon.

  10. Thank you all for stopping by to smell the flowers and the Pastiera. It was a great break, sadly too much of a quick one.
    I'm catching up on all your blogs, boy were you busy posting! Ciao

  11. I'm catching up too, I would rather be where you are (were). God! I am having a burning desire to go to Italy. I wonder how soon I can make this happen? Well, I'm so glad you and the sweet little one could have a lovely holiday, no matter how brief.
    love, lori

  12. Now these pies look much better than mine! Thanks for stopping by, and your sweet words! I have not tried the flavor combo yet, but I think I will tonight- there is just a little bit left in the fridge. I'll be back to visit again!