Apr 21, 2009

Death by Oreos

This made me laugh. Considering my epitaph will read 'She Died by Cheese,' and my obsession with Oreo cookies, this twist on Whistler's Mother looked like a viable alternative.

Death by Oreos, 2006 - by Daniela Edburg

See the complete Drop Dead Gorgeous image gallery, and read an interview with the author here.


  1. This was fantastically funny! I loved it!

  2. Are we sure she is dead? It may just be a diabetic coma.

  3. It captures beautifully our love/hate relationship with food. Using oreos is a stroke of genius.

    p.s. cheese is a more nutritious product, and more natural.

  4. Now, why does that strike me as completely beautiful? That's one of my two favorite ways to go...

    Indulgence in them both.

  5. Ciao hard working film lady. Yes! I can certainly think of worse ways to go. But I think she died from exhaustion. So many cookies, so little time.

  6. Now that's how I want to go! Let the oreos do me in... or maybe the cotton candy. Death by SlimFast? Never!!

    Thanks for the link!

  7. lol. death by oreo. could be a lot worse

  8. Can't say I think much of oreos....Ok ,you can stop throwing them at me....
    so I can see why she karked it...

  9. She's not dead, it's a oreo coma! Not my favourite though but if you love 'em you'd die for them.


  10. Haha! I haven't had an oreo since my kids were little, i think i may have to go buy some...
    Lola, your last post, is that Simon's Town, S.A.? If it is, that is one of my favorite places on earth! It's the one place I felt at home the moment I arrived.
    ciao darling. ♥

  11. Don't talk to me about oreos, my son adores them and they are not easliy available here so I have to hunt them down when the craze for them gets going.
    Taking my children to America on vivits at a young age has a lot to answer for!!!!

  12. Hey beautiful, I'm glad work is good.

    I always found it was better when I was there. But thinking of having to be there was a total drag.

    Love you.

    Renee xoxoxo

  13. What a pitcure! Now I've laughed enought to cause the people in the office to wonder what's up!

  14. Hehehe, Lola - that is stellar! I don't eat Oreo cookies, but if I continue to eat as much sushi as I do it's quite likely I'll turn into a piece of seaweed and drift in and out with the tidal flow forever.

  15. ---->looking sheepish. Me again, sorry! Just had to say that I've spent the happiest 45 minutes catching up on the blog posts I missed and re-reading others. Lola, your blog is sheer delight. A wonderfully delicious mixture of food, travel, incisive observation, superb photography, love, life and laughter! Just perfectly perfect. I'll miss your daily posts while you're working, but, like your other fans, will be waiting patiently for your return.


  16. Excellent! I loved it.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  17. Lola, I tagged you on my blog with a meme. I'm sure you are swamped right now; but you're always on our minds.

  18. LaDue - Glad you enjoyed! Ciao
    LoriE - It's neither death or coma, it's an orgasm.
    Natalie - Munch... twist... scrape... lick... munch... and so on.
    Rosaria - Cheese will do me in, whatever the nutrition facts.
    Erin - My favorite is both: eating while...indulging.
    Patrizia - I love the footrest...
    Anno - Isn't that artist talented? But what's with her relationship with food?
    Brian - It *could* be worse, yes!
    Delwyn - Ever tried Oreos dipped in cold milk, at midnight?
    Breeze - I love Oreos to death.
    Chuck - "O" yes! Ciao, chef.
    Lori Ann - Yes! That's where I ultimately wanto to move someday.
    Mandy - Shall I send you a crateful?
    Renee - I will post about the new job soon. It's fun, but I hate saying good-bye to that munchkin in the morning.
    Dot Come - hope I didn't get you in trouble. Throw an Oreo at them, see what happens.
    Tessa - Oh, good! I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm more of a sashmi girl. I have to tell you about my wasabi story sometime...
    Cuban - Thank you for stopping by, can I get you anything to eat?
    Rosaria - will check out meme now

  19. Goog Goddess, Lola, I could indeed die by cheese! It is so delicious, as are you, Bella!

  20. Edburg is genius! I really enjoyed the link. Thankyou Lola!