Apr 24, 2009

Leek Frittata recipe

Making frittata unscrambles the mojo.

Even if you enjoy cooking like myself, at the end of a hard working day the last thing you want is finding the energy for it. Although calling in for delivered pizza seems like the easiest option, I remind myself how a few minutes of stove side multitasking can help me unwind. Whisking eggs and whatever's left over in the fridge into an omelet was my Nonna Titta's lazy supper solution. Paired with a crisp salad, warm bread and a glass of robust red wine, simple frittata turns a modest dinner into a feast.
Image © yumsugar.com
Frittata di Porri - Leek Frittata

Denser than the whisked, French omelette; Italian frittata is always cooked whole, served sliced like a pizza, and not folded over. Leek frittata is my favorite quick fix oner. Delicate yet assertive, it can be great as a stand-alone TV dinner or sandwich filler for picnics and kids’ lunchbox. I make one mean frittata, here's how:

4 eggs, beaten
2 large leeks
1 tbsp milk
1/2 bouillon cube
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

Soak the leeks in plenty cold water and baking soda to remove any traces of pesticides, chemicals and dirt. Rinse well and towel dry. Thinly slice (a mandoline helps) and toss into a skillet with the oil and 1/2 stock cube over low heat. Cover and simmer, adding a shotglass of water should they dry too much during cooking. Leeks should maintain a handsome blonde hue, browning causes horrid bitter taste.

In a large mixing bowl, combine beaten eggs, milk and a dash of salt. Pour the mixture in the skillet with the leek and reduce heat. Frittata needs to cook covered and over very low heat. Check doneness by lifting the edge with a fork. If this phase is accomplished well, there will be no need to perform any stunt flipping acts. Otherwise carefully use a lid and firm hand to tip over and slide uncooked side back into the skillet.

This dish begs to be consumed steaming hot, preferably in religious solitude during an important soccer event, accompanied by a tall frozen cold beer and the freedom to belch aloud.


  1. Sounds wonderfully simple, Lola.I love quick and easy meals to belch too! No, really, just the quck and easy bit. :D

  2. heheheh! i'll not tell my husband that, he needs no encourgement! I love frittata. This looks divine. Simple is best for me,since time is often a factor.
    I can't remember if I told you your sky photo was gorgeous, but it is! I love it.

  3. Nice yet simple Frittata, Yumm!!

  4. Lola it looks like even I can make this.

    Hope you have the weekend off from work.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. Sounds delish Lola.
    Enjoyed the last post and the meme too.

  6. The last line is precious. Have a lovely weekend. Do something I couldn't do!

    And yes, Oregon is Big Sur on steroids, and more affordable, and less snooty, though still full of lovely artists and dreamers.

  7. Good satisfying simple dinner -yum

    For a variation I use Japanese stock and any other veges that are hanging around in the fridge- usually a bottom layer of potato, and then stripe the top, once cooked, with alternate lines of mayo and tonkatsu sauce...

  8. lol. love your ending! nice pic of the leeks as well!

  9. Honest to gosh, I was just thinking it was Frittata time. The bouillon cube is a new trick. I typically make potato one with potato, onion and some parm. Served with very sweet, juicy sliced tomatoes.

    Someday we must have a blogger gathering in a place with access to a big kitchen.

    Enjoy the weekend. I'm pooped. Early to bed for a long day of spring cleaning tomorrow. Yippee.

    p.s. My word verification is "retch". Ha.

  10. You working such long hours and yet still making such devine creations. Me, hot dogs and carrot sticks tonight...I kid you naught. I'll try to do better and reproduce some of your incredible fare!

    You off for the weekend...or is that too much to ask of a film? Enjoy!

  11. Perfect for Sunday night sups! Thank you, clever Lola - and for the fab photos, too. Do you have to work weekends as well? If not, have a wonderful time with your little man E. xx

  12. Frittata is an easy fav of mine, too. I hadn't thought about adding the beer and the belch! ;-)

  13. An omelet is good anytime of the day.

  14. Perfection... now if I could just have one appear on my table- I am too tired to cook today!

  15. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I treasure each.

    Natalie - With so much on our hands, quick n easy is a godsend.
    Lori - Thank you, sweet friend. Big hug.
    Chuck - Grazie, chef.
    Renee - Give it a shot and report back. Weekend totally off!
    Siobhàn - Thank you!
    Rosaria - LOL steroids line. Maybe my July visit may include a swing up north then...
    Delwyn - The potato/leek combo is fab. I have lots more frittata material to post. Thanks for your interesting variation. What is tonkatsu?
    Brian - tee hee...
    Patrizia - I too have been fantasizing about a blogger meet in Venice, or somewhere pretty; eating, cooking, live face-to-face conversations and copious toasts to our friendship.
    Erin & Tessa - Weekend off, and delegating Sunday fares to mamma!!!
    Saretta - The joys of life!
    Chad - Exactly!
    LaDue - On those days I go for cereal and bananas...

  16. Yum! gotta try this one out, looks delicious

  17. Frittata brings back memories of cold damp winter evenings in Rome. It's a Roman comfort food. Mom always used to make frittata for dinner as a last minute dish when she didn't have time to go out to grocery shop - usually with zucchini. It was always one of my favorite dishes and I am wondering why I don't make it more often for dinner myself.

  18. Mandy - Do report back once you do.
    Adriana - Dri? Frittata con le zucchine rules! Baci

  19. Ah Frittata - my lifesavers when the cupboard is down to pretty much bare!
    Thanks for sharing this one - not one I've tried before!

  20. Brava come sempre Lola, wonderful way to write about la frittata. I recently converted my older son to a shared frittata in the morning. A small cast-iron skillet of frittata, browned in the oven with melted mozzarella on top, and we're good to go.