Jan 26, 2011


Five years ago my life changed.
Suddenly everything shifted out of proportion.
It was no longer all about me.
And I liked it.

Work was not where all my energies went any more.
The word Love had a brand new definition.
I completely abandoned the concept of selfish and skinny jeans.
And I was no longer alone.

I discovered that despite working three jobs to make ends meet,
being reliable, mindful, competent and smile in the face of adversity,
guilt and hormones would always catch up with me, no matter how hard I tried.

But with the new deal, I had been also granted super hero status:
I could function with 3 hours of sleep;
possessed unbelievable strength and surprising resourcefulness in the darkest of moments;
and was the center of the universe for someone special.

Five years ago someone came into my world, and made it his.
He was new and I was renewed. I was improved. And he was pure.
He charged into my existence blasting his primal yawp,
but the cries stopped the instant our cheeks touched.

His warm and still covered in a thin layer of what felt like chapstick,
mine teary with emotion and smiling from uncontrollable happiness.
I may have had induced loss of sensation below the waist,
but in the rest of me, the feelings were magnified.

Five years ago, my son was born.
And from that day onwards, I have been a better woman.

Thank you E. for changing my life,
for turning my world around
and for teaching me the meaning of true love.

Happy birthday, my darling boy.
Five years flew by, I can't believe it.
My sweet, adorable and loving child,
I am so happy and proud to be your mamma.
Buon compleanno, topolino. Sei tutta la mia vita.


  1. Oh what a lovely tribute to your precious son. Buon Compleanno E

  2. i am crying as i am writing........

    this was so moving, lola. such an exquisite tribute to your beautiful boy, to motherhood, to love itself. you are blessed to have each other.

    BIG birthday wishes to Mr. E that his fondest dreams come true...and sending bundles of hugs and love to you both♡♡


  3. The poem First Birth comes to me now, by Sharon Olds, but I can not find it on-line. It is beautiful, ripe, and aching. If you don't know it, I'll write it out for you. I just read it the other day for the first time and felt the tug of knowing.

    Five years, a blink and a life time.


  4. What a beautiful post! Children never realize how important their birthday is to their mother. I have 3 adult sons that I had the privilege to raise. On their birthdays, I always call first thing in the morning and tell them how happy I am that they were born and that xx years ago it was "just you and me!" Enjoy your child. :-)

  5. Oh yes, pretty mamma, he changed your life.

    Happy Birthday, E!

  6. That is so sweet. They change us so much don't they? My little one will be 5 in a few more days. Happy birthday to E. Yes time does fly. I can't believe it's been 5 years already.

  7. Alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag, my lovely Mamma Lola!! It is the mother who should get the congratulations, she being the one who touched the child with her wings, getting up at night, soothing, feeding, consoling, laughing and crying with her baby. But he, your adorable son, shall have all the blogworld`s fairies combined love and good wishes, too! Five years, almost grown! You did a marvellous job, Lola! From every photo a happy, smart and sweet face is showing the love he got from you. May you both be blessed forever more!

  8. awww...nice write and happy birthday to E! hope he has a wonderful day!

  9. Lola such beautiful words that can only come from the heart of a Mother.
    I love the photo of E as a newborn.... sooo precious.

    Congratulations on having a 5 year old son.... which I know from experience is challenging and fun.

    If E was born here in Australia he would have a public holiday every birthday as the 26th is Australia Day and it is always celebrated with fireworks and a holiday.

    Forever more I will think of your beautiful baby boy child on this day and send good wishes his way.

    Love to you and your boy

    Happy Birthday E

    xox Robyn

  10. Congrats on your son's 5th birthday and your 5th anniversary of a life change so earth-moving, nothing is ever the same.

    From another mother,

  11. He's a lucky one I think, to hava a mamma like you... a very lucky one ! Happy Birthday to your darling boy !

  12. Oh how wonderful. Happiest of all Birthday wishes to Mr. E and to his mommy who really knows what love is all about now.
    The time will fly by and before you know it he will be a teenager.
    You of course will not age along with him but will stay at the age you are now. I mean how can us young lovelies be parents of teenagers or in my case sons in their mid 20's.

  13. Fantastico! Buon compleanno a tutti!


  15. What a beautifully worded sentiment. Happy birthday to your son and best wishes to the family.

  16. Thank you to all for the lovely birthday wishes for my bambino!

    Linda~ Grazie! Hugs

    Amanda~ We are emotional beings, tears are like prayers :)

    Erin~ I don't know it, I'd love to read it.

    Patricia~ I think I will be doing the same when he is grown up!

    Rosaria~ Thank you, my friend!

    Loree~ Ah, another Acquarius!

    Angela~ Yes, he is well looked-over by his blogland fairy godmothers!

    Brian~ It was a wonderful day, back then and ever since then.

    Robyn~ I didn't know it was Australia Day, how cool!

    Frank~ Ciao amico!

    Raven~ We moms rock!

    Owen~ I'm the lucky one, to have him! Merci, mon ami

    LoriE~ I'll never forget what my doctor said when I confronted her with my initial fears of motherhood, "Kids make you immortal." She was right!

    ChuckP~ Grazie from both of us!!

    Andras~ Thanks!!

  17. FOODalogue~ Thank you for your kind comment! ciao

  18. I found this link to the poem Erin referenced...lovely. It is from Sharon Olds' book, "Wellspring"

  19. Ειρήνη~
    Thank you!!

    I will read it immediately, thank you so much!


  20. Happy Birthday to your handsome son and congratulations on the good job you're doing raising him.


  21. Happy Birthday, E! And Happy Anniversary, Momma!

  22. Jim~
    My mom always says it's the mother's birthday too. I couldn't agree more! Thanks, friend.

  23. What a beautiful birthday wish for your son. Happy Birthday E!

  24. Beautiful, and thank you for sharing.

  25. Sì, commovente. Buon Compleanno topolino di mamma !!! E... Sì, quella dottoressa disse una santa verità. Vi abbraccio !

  26. Ben scritto, L
    Il topolino ha una brava Mamma.

  27. Fabrizio & Andrea~
    Grazie, amici miei.