Jan 28, 2011

Charcuteries, bread bakers, butchers, enoteche...

I'm in list mode.

I've shared the contents of my pantry, logged Italy's favorite cheeses, assembled a salumi primer and itemized popular pasta types. I recently wrote a post on where to find raw milk, listed covert croissant dealers, and provided a full index of Rome's neighborhood and farmer's markets.

As part of my alimentary-obsessed research, I have now compiled a list of Rome's best specialty stores and local foodie shrines, divided by the items on which they focus. (read more...)


  1. Wow, you make me want to visit Rome. :)


  2. Raven~
    You should! And for many more reasons beside the food (which is a great reason).

  3. it's a gorgeous list- i esp love Franchi, but as for the pescivendoli - i'd add the Testaccio market vendors to the list. it may not look very posh, but if you talk to them, you'll come to know who knows his fish or clams best. x shayma

  4. Shayma~
    I'm a regular at the Testaccio market, and among the pescivendoli, Mastroianni's cousin is almost family.

    I decided to omit market vendors, and keep the list uniform to just stores; but I have several other poultry and fish sellers, bakers and cheese merchants at my neighborhood market that are hugely worthy of mention!

  5. Rosaria~
    Remember, just a plane ticket away... hint hint

  6. Haven't been to Rome in years but after looking at all this amazing food I'm ready to go back!

  7. Chez Loulou~
    Thank you for your visit! Now you should plan a trip back to the Eternal City and sample some of our amazing food! Ciao

  8. I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to using your lists when we return to Italy in the not too distant future.

  9. It never fails. I come here. I go away hungry. Simple equation. Solution = head for kitchen !

  10. Chcmichel~
    Wonderful news, and thank you. Look me up when you're in Roma!

    Mission acomplished, then! ;)

  11. What a wonderful resource you are! Now I wish we were back in Rome again so I could use all this valuable information!

    Of course I knew about Castroni, Volpetti and Rosciolil (it was in the 'hood, after all). But many of the others were off my radar screen... peccato!

  12. Frank-
    One more delicious reason to come visit again!!! Come, see and conquer, I'll be happy to accompany. Ciao

  13. Thank you-now all I need to do is to get to Rome soon!

  14. What a stunning photo! I'm so very hungry now. :-) I'm so glad these little artisan shops are still flourishing. The quality and uniqueness they provide is unmatched in the large stores.

  15. Janie~
    Rome (and I) await with open arms!


    Rambling Tart~
    Yes, thankfully we still get the good stuff in little neighborhood food shrines-and as far as quality, there is indeed nothing like it in larger commercial operations.

  16. Eleonora, if photos alone can make you hungry, your picture of Franchi's sure did it. I'm going to get off the computer and see if I can't make something good in the kitchen.

  17. Andrea~
    That's what I call proactive blogging! Buon appetito...

  18. awesome lists! now, i just need to make it to roma. ;-)

  19. Paz-
    That's the spirit!! Have you heard about the Roma Every Day picnic Jeff is planning? news later...

  20. I remember this day! Great experience. We all loved it.


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