Jun 19, 2011


Merenda doesn't have to be necessarily sweet

Don't you just love to snack?

It's my favorite time of day.

Merenda is a fantastic word, it roughly translates to afternoon snack, or high tea in Britain–and as part of every Italian's childhood, it means Nutella sandwiches. But merenda is not just an afternoon affair, a very popular merenda is the middle of the morning one, which is usually savory.

Above is a very healthy (cough) merenda I treated myself to the other day. I switched off the computer, ignored the chirping phone alerts, and enjoyed a quiet moment with a crateful of sharply aged provolone, semi-dried tomatoes and the end of a baguette.

What's your favorite snack?


  1. Thank you for sharing, Lola.
    And a snack that is...

  2. My favorite is sardines or anchovies on lightly toasted garlic rubbed bread, and drizzled with olive oil. Which is also what I posted today about :)

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  3. snack is not a bad time of the day...and i am usually not too picky...smiles. good job unplugging as well...

  4. I wish I can still eat an entire jar of Nutella! But I don't think I can do that at 43, lol Now here in the States I enjoy "pane appena sfornato con olio, sale, origano ed una fetta di formaggio" as an afternoon snack that we do also enjoy for dinner. Ciao Rita

  5. Sharply aged provolone and semi-dried tomatoes with baguette at mid-morning ?!?!? You are SO naughty !

    Well, this was an entirely delicious little post, left me hungry again. Honestly, your's is the only blog that does that...

  6. Asiago and salty Sicilian olives got my family through the winter!

  7. now that i am trudging in from the excavation site every afternoon, hot dirty and tired i sit down in my hotel room to a piece of fruit, dark chocolate, almonds and cold water.

    blessed relief.

  8. Chuck~
    Thank you!

    That sounds delicious!

    Are you a sweet or savory-lovin' guy?

    Snack fit for kings!

    Tee hee... mission accomplished.

    I only go for one of those whe I know I can nap afterwards!

    I LOVE Asiago. Do you get Gaeta olives in your neck of the woods? (like Kalamata)

    You're digging?! How wonderful!! Great energy refill.

  9. Hi Eleonora, thanks for stopping by post about the new porch bar - it worked so well and I love the way it looks! You know that Frank and I love to snack anywhere anytime, and your plate looks just perfect. When we're anywhere in Italy we often stop at a small outdoor restaurant around 4 for a delicious snack of cheese and some other yummy - of course with a glass of local red wine - just to stop and take in the beautiful surroundings and take in everything that we'd seen during the day. Hope all is well!! Ciao, bella xxoo

  10. Favorite snack: sourdough pretzels and an apple. I don't really snack too much, though. Then I can eat more at dinner!

    I confess that I had to look up Nutella to see what it is. Much better than Vegemite, surely!

  11. What a great way to snack. I love digging into the Nutella jar mid-afternoon.

  12. questo piatto é di ceramica vietrese vero? sono colori meravigliosI!! voglia di merenda!!! brava!!!

  13. Ann Marie~
    That sounds like the perfect merenda!

    YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT NUTELLA? Shame on you ;)!

    I'm more of a savory girl, but I never say no to bread and Nutella, especially in winter.

    Si, sono le ceramiche di Solimene! Ne ho in 2 colori, più un servizio con polipetti e pesci, ma perle grandi occasioni! :)