Jun 16, 2011

New freelance writing gig

«By experiencing a place with the help of a local, it's easier and more exciting to learn about the culture and habits of a community.»

Spotted by Locals is a series of blogs–and also downloadable city guides and iPhone apps–with updated tips by handpicked local bloggers in 33 European cities.

I contribute my insider local knowledge as the newest ROME Spotter on the team.

To read my latest articles on the Rome Spotted by Locals cityblog CLICK HERE


  1. nice congrats on being selected....

  2. Ah Lola, you are just a bundle of energy, I guess that may be because you are well nourished with excellent food, in just the right amounts, to keep you primed for getting out and discovering the smorgasbord which is Rome. Your readers are lucky !

  3. complimenti!! sei davvero brava!! un bacione

  4. very cool! Congrats!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  5. Grazie for your lovely comments and congratulations!


  6. Gladdened my heart to see your successs, Lola.
    Congratulations and perhaps one day we might visit some of these special places. Hugs ~ Eddie

    PS I have been away from BlogLand for a while.

  7. Eddie!!! How wonderful to see you back in my litle kitchen! How have you been my darling friend?