Jun 11, 2011

Food tours in Rome

piadina+pastrami sandwich

When I guide culinary tours, my clients often say, "You have the best job in the world."

I couldn't agree more.

I get to walk around one of the world's most beautiful historical and fascinating cities...

...tasting delicious food, meeting interesting people, engaging in conversations on topics I am passionate about...

...and introducing wonderful chefs, wine merchants, cheesemongers, butchers, greengrocers, and artisans to my clients.

I like that Orazio, the fresh pasta guy, lets me take clients in the back of his shop to show how he makes tagliatelle casarecce. I love it when the workers at the bread baker see me walk in, they say, "Eccola!" – here she is, like they were expecting me. I like that if the group is in the mood, we can stop for a glass of wine at an enoteca. I'm happy there is no strict itinerary, and instead a fair amount of improvisation. Mostly, I like the smiles.

You can learn more about the food tours I lead by visiting the website of my co-owned company Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine.


  1. Looks fabulous, all of it! And I could live in that bakery ~ YUM!

    Great photos!


  2. yes i am jealous...i will walk for food and sights like that as well...mmm...

  3. Wow, it's true, you have the BEST job in the world! You inspire me.... thanks!

  4. If I ever get to Italy I look forward to going on a tour with you. You go to all the best places.

  5. Like the old Camel ads, I would walk at least a mile if it would bring me to anything to do with Lola and the food she loves... make that ten miles. Or twenty. In the meanwhile, here in the heart of the night, will just have to click instead, and click and click and click. You reveal your love for food in every word, every photo, every post, it comes shining through. Makes my mouth water every time ! Have a great weekend...

  6. Fabiana~
    Thanks! I practically live in that bakery... for real! I'm a great customer besides the tours!

    When are yout taking the gang to the Old World? You should come!

    Aw, thanks you're too kind. Happy yo inspire!!

    I will show you Rome like you've never tasted it ;)

    You, my friend, are too nice. Can I quote this comment? Have a great weekend.

  7. I would like to take that stroll!! Flavors of Rome...

  8. Good for you, you have created your perfect job! I'm so happpy for you!

  9. CChuck~
    Hope you will someday!

    Thanks, my friend. I am happy too.

  10. Fantastic it's all come together.
    Walking and eating - what a pleasure and no guilt.

  11. Janet~
    I did away with guilt a LOOOONG time ago! ;)
    When are you coming here to share the joy?

  12. dear lola,
    you must be a brilliant guide, i would put all my faith in you. how fantastic this would be, walking and learning and discovering and yes, eating! someday i'll get there.

  13. I agree! What a deliciously fun job. I must take you up on one of these tours next year when I arrive in Italy with my sister. It is our second time going so it would be great if we could do something new and food related as food & wine are apart of my passions!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  14. What a pleasure to see a real (if unorthodox) piadina. They were serving piadine at a local sandwich shop around here. The bread itself was as thick as pizza (the Neapolitan kind!) and the filling bulging out all over. Just too much!

    Now I can just imagine the folks who get to know this dish made in this way going to Italy and trying it there, asking themselves, 'what is this measly thing?' Ah well...

  15. Ciao mia amica! Your job sounds amazing!!! Hope you enjoy your week!

  16. Lori Ann-
    always waiting for that day!

    Look me up and we can definitely arrange a walk together.

    Ew, thick fluffy piadinia is an oxymoron! This particular one is so perfectly thin and warmed just right that if not properly consumed while still hot, it became crisp and snappy! Perfetta...

    Thank you, and happy week to you too!

  17. Lola, your pictures are overwhelming! And your words and smiles and passion, too. I would hop and dance beside you and make those bakers sing for us. Wouldn`t we have fun!

  18. Ok, you convinced me: time to go have lunch!

    If I make it back to Roma, an Eleonora tour will be on the itinerary.

  19. I have to say...i'd walk just about anywhere for one of those sandwiches.

  20. You certainly do have an interesting job. :)