Jul 25, 2011

My 7 Links: looking back

We'll be taking a stroll down blog-memory lane today. And I have to thank Kathy from Food Lover's Odyssey for that. Kathy––a very busy and generous food & travel blogger in the Italy-loving foodie community––nominated me to join Tripbase's My 7 Links project.

The project aims "to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again." Each nominated blogger chooses 7 posts from their archives that fit into 7 specified categories. The best of.

It was interesting to look back over my posts written in the last 54 months. I gave myself a nice pat on the back for the huge personal achievement and the monumental changes blogging has brought in my life.

Below are my 7 links, not necessarily all food-driven. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Most Beautiful: Agnolotti

I love the photgraphy in the step-by-step preparation of a family classic. And especially the hands of my mother.

2. Most Popular: La Pasta!

This comprehensive list of Italy's many different pasta variations, sizes, colors, textures and shapes got 10,730 pageviews since it was pubished in Sept. 2010. That's a lot of pasta.

3. Most Controversial: Tiny Heroes

This was perhaps more disturbing than controversial. Foreigners are often uncomfortable hearing about Italy's tragedies, catching glimpses of the darker and not-so-dolce-vita... But I had to honor the memory of those tiny heroes.

4. Most Helpful: Italian Fish and Seafood Names, Translated

This popular index of common Italian marine species––with Latin binomial and English translations––proved very helpful in understanding a little more about local fish varieties, and what might work as a substitute, should the Mediterranean catch I mention not be available where you live.

5. Surprisingly Successful: Salumi per Tutti

It should actually come as no surprise that a catalog of Italy's famed cured pork meats and cold cuts––complete with droolworthy food porn photography––should make this category.

6. One That Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved: Among the Duties of a Parent

The title of this post is obviously not catchy enough, especially for an Italian food and lifestyle blog. But I loved sharing this little story about the impact of art on my small child.

7. One I'm Most Proud Of: E's flowers

Many of my posts are personal accounts in to which I sneak a recipe. But I also sometimes write posts in which I bare myself, my family and my experiences, opening up to places where I share secrets and innermost feelings and emotions. This is one of them.

Thank you Kathy for nominating me and letting me share my links. Now it's time for me to pass this on.
My nominees for the 7 Links Project are the fabulous women behind:

Travels With Persephone
Two Kids and a Dog
Verona Daily Photo
Ms. Adventures in Italy

What are some of your favorite posts published here on Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino?


  1. I was nominated as well. I think it provides a way to put your blog into perspective but also to new followers and readers understand what your blog and Italy is about.

    Lovely! And as an art history major I think your art post is intriguing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. congrats on the nomination lola...i remember the flowers and the art one...i like the ones where you add personal stories and recipes...i think the first i ever read was a party you crashed...

  3. I love all of your posts, but especially those with gluten and dairy free recipes for Italian foods!

  4. wonderful choices! This is a brilliant idea.

  5. Well, I think I told you at the time that I loved the many varieties of pasta. I shall go read the one about art and your child now.

  6. Hello there, some people who has used my blog content without rights seams to be also using your recipes as their own.
    I've seen you had the same recipe they say to be authentic in 2010. Take a look: http://coquebanana.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/dolce-al-cioccolato-por-hel-wagner/#more-2611

  7. Eleonora, I didn't know about your blog in 2009. I was drawn to Guernica as soon as I saw it today, and read the post.

    Perfect. In every way.

    It is clear to me that, as a parent, “Tu capiti, mamma,”.

  8. I love this and now I'm seriously craving some Italian food.

  9. Love your 7 links. I especially liked the agnolotti & the pasta post. I think I might have to print out the fish post. I get confused with the translation of fish names when in Italy.

  10. Oh number seven, so so sweet. Sending hugs and love to you and little e.

  11. loved your 7 greatest hits - love your blog!

    (my favorites? agnolotti and e's flowers, but of course ;-)

    mille grazie for kindly nominating travels with persephone - i will be posting my 7 links soon~

    ciao bella,


  12. Thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments!! I have very sparse and hiccupping access to a computer these days (busy making jam and napping a lot under the cherry tree), so I'll make this a cumulative THANK YOU and not an individually personalized one, forgive me!!

    Ciao :)

  13. Great post Eleonora, I have always enjoyed your lovely blog and will continue to do so. Meanwhile enjoy the rest of the summer napping under that cherry tree.